helps Improve ambulatory care services and CAHPS scores

Improve ambulatory care services and CAHPS scores

With, you have the tools to perform complete and remote check up of members: Telehealth, Virtual visits, Remote Vitals (Temperature, SPIO2, BP, Glucose, Weight)

Early warning index reduces admissions, readmissions, and ER visits. Remind members of their Medication, Engage them into healthy Living.

Members use social connectivity features of to connect to family and friends with total ease.

This simple to use TV add on for members includes a set top box and easy to use remote control. A monthly subscription provides unlimited telehealth and remote vitals monitoring, practitioner accounts, medication management and much more.

How help Improve ambulatory care services and CAHPS scores

- Major influence, - Minor influence

Domain for Patient Experience CAHPS Survey Degree of Influence How?
Access to care Getting Timely Care and Appointments i.e. Open Access Sirona the voice companion helps in making appointments with providers.
Getting timely information – On Demand access to Health Information and Advise. Health Videos covers Health, Wellness, Fitness, Diet, Nutrition and Information.
Between visit communication

Caregiver to member e-notification, e-messages e-Survey increases communications

Automatic outreach for vital collection, exercise, and reminders.

Getting Appointments and Care Quickly

Sirona the voice companion helps in making appointments.

Doctors reach members easily using Telehealth

Communication Doctors Who Communicate Well Physicians share curated Health Videos with members
Office Staff Courteous and Helpful Office Staff e-Survey helps collect member’s feedback
Self-management Helping You Take Medications as Directed Automatic Medicine Reminder, tracks medicine adherence and provides Medicine information covering – Reason, procedure and side affects.
Shared decision making Shared Decision Making Physicians share curated Health Videos with members
Health promotion and education Health Promotion and Education Health Videos covering Health, Wellness, Fitness, Diet, Nutrition, and Information.
Access to specialists Ability to bring in specialist in telehealth calls.
Other Strategies to improve ambulatory care Tools to Help Patients Communicate Their Needs A history of Person Wellness Assessment and NEWS2 scores provides a channel for patient to express their needs.
Support for Shared Decision Making Relevant health videos help members to make a decision.
Support Self-care
Improving Planned Visits
  • Health Risk Assessment (HRA)
  • Early Warning Index
  • Appointment reminders
  • Educational Videos
Reminder Systems for appointments Reminder & Notification on the TV
Engage Patients Automatic outreach program includes Reminders, Notifications, Vital collection, and Health videos