Home Health Agencies

Sirona.tv provides home health providers with the technology they need to monitor their high-risk patients at home, resulting in avoided hospital readmissions and improved patient engagement and adherence.

HNHC,  complex, chronic and comorbidity patients use TV to do virtual visit

Continuous Monitoring and Care Of All High-Risk Patients

Optimized care transitions
  • The patient is discharged from the hospital and enrolled in a home health program.
  • The patient is automatically enrolled in the Sirona.tv RPM and telehealth programs and is set-up with Sriona.tv health kit.
  • Patient engages in Sirona.tv’s telehealth platform which includes AI health companion, real-time care team connection, condition-specific education, early warning index, patient engagement, biometric monitoring, and family connectivity
  • The patient is monitored by home health clinicians who intervene when necessary to avoid adverse events

Achieve High ROI Outcomes for Home Health Agencies

Reduce Readmissions & ED Utilization

Achieving Cost Savings & Avoidance

Improving Patient Engagement & Adherence