Covid-19 Kits for Seniors

Is a comprehensive remote examination, social connectivity and easy to use solution designed to take care for elderly remotely.

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This page is for healthcare organizations in USA and Canada only. Sirona-health is currently available to health care organizations only.

Two types are kits are available

Sirona-Connect - Sirona-Connect provides seniors ability to do video chats, phone calls, share family and talk to their health care providers using video calls.

Sirona-Connect Kit Contents, Costs & Delivery time

Sirona-Connect Kit


  • Set top box - works with all TVs
  • Remote Control
  • Power Adapter, HDMI Cable, Ethernet cable

Kit Cost : $149/Kit

Service : $14.95 (PMPM)

Sirona-Health - Sirona-health in addition to services provided by Sirona-Connect enables seniors to measure vitals. The Basic health kit comes with Blood pressure monitor,

Sirona-Health Kit Contents, Costs & Delivery time

Sirona-Health Kit

  • 1. All Components of Sirona-Connect +
  • 2. Oximeter
  • 3. BP Monitor
  • 4. Weight Scale

Thermometer and Glucometer are extra.

Kit Cost : $349/Kit + Shipping (includes 3 Sensors)

Service : $29.95 (PMPM)


  • Thermometer (Bluetooth): $180
  • Thermometer (regular): $50
  • Glucose Meter: $29.99
Delivery and Requirements


4 weeks

Delivery is not predicable as supply chains are disrupted. Please let us know in advance if you consider on ordering, so we can plan.

Minimum Quantity:


Remote support:



WiFi or Internet

Language Supported:

English only