Sirona.TV remote care solution for Seniors helps fight against COVID-19

With a comprehensive remote examination, social connectivity and easy to use solution designed for the elderly.

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Ease the burden on your clinicians and avoid exposure to the Seniors

Sirona.TV is the only all-in-one remote examination solution allowing physicians to remotely connect with quarantined or symptomatic designed specially for Seniors. Senior patients may be at their homes, senior living, nursing homes to perform remote exams including temperature, blood pressure, physical examination,which are key for monitoring COVID-19,

The solution can be deployed quickly and at scale, with training and implementation possible within a single week - can be fully deployed. is helping fight COVID-19 in Canada.

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FEATURES OF SIRONA.TV - health provides many remote healthcare features found in advanced healthcare platform:

Remote care solution for Seniors

Telehealth and remote patient monitoring

Seniors are remotely examined by healthcare providers through their TV. Seniors easily collect vitals using wireless BP monitor, Oximeter & Weight scale. Sirona-health also supports wireless Thermometer and Glucose meter.

In the United States, 80% of deaths associated with COVID-19 were among adults aged =65 years with the highest percentage of severe outcomes among persons aged =85 years [CDC]. is now helping address safety of these seniors from the COVID-19 virus, fully realizing telehealth's potential at this critical time.

Key features include:

  • Hand-held modular medical kit for examining the body temperature, blood pressure, Oxygen level and enables high quality virtual visits
  • Full-stack telehealth solution with a built in open FHIR based EMR.
  • Implementation & deployment quickly and at scale within a single week
  • Easy to use with minimal need for training. Virtually no training is required to seniors

Kits and monthly service are aggressively priced with flexible payment terms. Objective is to get kits to the seniors who need them most as soon as possible. is available for immediate order and deployment to healthcare organizations in US and Canada. Please see this link for product availability & pricing. If you have any questions email us at , with your organization name, needs for kit and your phone number and we will contact within 4 hours.