Ease the burden on your clinicians and avoid exposure to the Seniors

With Sirona.tv-Health, you have the tools to perform complete and remote check up of seniors: Telehealth, Virtual visits, Remote Vitals (Temperature, SPIO2, BP, Glucose, Weight)

Early warning index reduces admissions, readmissions and ER visits. Remind seniors of their Medication, Engage them into healthy Living.

Seniors use social connectivity features of Sirona.tv to connect to family and friends with total ease.

This simple to use TV add on for seniors includes a set top box and easy to use remote control. A monthly subscription provides unlimited telehealth and remote vitals monitoring, practitioner accounts, medication management and much more.

Remote care solution for Seniors

Telehealth and remote patient monitoring Seniors are remotely examined by healthcare providers through their TV. Seniors easily collect vitals using wireless BP monitor, Oximeter & Weight scale. Sirona-health also supports wireless Thermometer and Glucose meter.

Key features include:

  • Hand-held modular medical kit for examining the body temperature, blood pressure,
  • Oxygen level and enables high quality virtual visits
  • Full-stack telehealth solution with a built in open FHIR based EMR.
  • Implementation & deployment quickly and at scale within a single week
  • Easy to use with minimal need for training. Virtually no training is required to seniors


  • Medication Reminders
  • Reminder to collect vitals
  • Early Warning Index
  • Reminder to exercise

Patient Engagement

  • Condition-specific education

Health Guide

Aggregate, Interpret, Apply, and Iterate AI+AI – Conceived by Livongo for Diabetic patients and perfected by Sirona.tv for geriatric and complex care patients.

Patient’s Experience

  • No learning curve, Connect to TV and use
  • Use BP monitor, Oximeter, Glucose meter, Weight scale wirelessly - no extra step required
  • No computer, tablet or smartphone required-use Remote control or voice commands
  • Large pictures, fonts and buttons make Siorna.tv easy to see and navigate.
  • Talk and Listen to Sirona a warm companion

Achieve High ROI Outcomes

Low Upfront & Operational Costs along with High Adoption provides high RO

Reduce Readmissions

Reduce Care Costs

Optimize Clinical Flows